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At TitanCor Capital, we take a unique approach to investing in multifamily assets that emphasizes the benefits of passive investing. Our strategy centers around providing investors with access to high-quality multifamily properties that generate consistent, long-term returns, all while requiring minimal effort on the part of the investor. Our approach is rooted in a belief that investing in real estate should be simple, transparent, and accessible to all. That’s why we offer a passive investment model that allows investors to take advantage of the benefits of real estate without the hassles of property management or the risks associated with direct ownership.

Value Add Strategy

Revamp The Property Exterior to Bring the Community Up-to-Date.
Make Units Interior Stand Out From The Crowd with Chic Updates and Modern Amenities.
Rebranding New Assets as Needed.
Harness AI Technology by Taking Advantage of Lease/Rent Optimization Software.
Stabilize Physical Occupancy Rates Through an Enhanced Resident Satisfaction Package.

Our Process

Due Diligence

We conduct a thorough micro and macro market analysis to identify the most highly sought after areas for investment, review the financials of prospective properties, and evaluate the potential for growth and return on investment.


Once financing is secured we ensure due diligence has been completed for future capital improvements.

Renovation and Repositioning

We begin to execute our Capex plan while our best in class property management team bring rents to market thus repositioning the property to improve returns.

Exit Strategy

Determine the optimal exit strategy around the 3-5 year mark, decide whether to sell or hold the property based on market conditions, property performance, and other relevant factors, to achieve maximum return on investment.

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