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A Real Estate Investment Group With A Track Record Of Success

TitanCor Capital is a minority-owned and led real estate investment company in the United States. Our firm focuses on delivering above-average returns via passive investment solutions.

Our goal is for our investors to see healthy profits and feel good about the environmental and social impact they’re making through their investment with TitanCor Capital.

Mikki Lake, MD, FACC

Founder, Managing Partner, TitanCor Capital

Mikki’s journey as a real estate investor had humble beginnings working for a realtor-investor during college, earning $50 for a few hours of work on a Saturday. That experience handling calls and implementing standard procedures for the office would eventually become the framework for strong investor relations and a solid operational background.

Her medical training led her to become an Integrative Cardiologist, having attended medical school at Emory University School of Medicine, residency at Johns Hopkins, and fellowship training at the University of Miami. She has a passion for preventing heart disease through plant-based diets and exercise. Along the way she has excelled in leadership roles including a previous role as the Medical Director for Non-invasive Cardiology for a multi-system hospital, and Director of a Women’s Heart Program, which she built from the ground up. Her rigorous medical training and track record reveals her grit, commitment to hard-work, and pursuit of mastery – the stuff Titans are made of. 

Mikki, started investing in real estate in 2016, with her first single family rental, that first “door” taught her many invaluable lessons and led to further success in real estate. Over time, she has explored other facets of real estate, including flipping homes in the Atlanta area and investing as a limited partner in commercial real estate – retail and multifamily before ultimately crossing over to the general partner side of multifamily real estate, that’s when TitanCor Capital was born.


We invest in income-producing assets, our tenants, and the environment.