What is an Accredited Investor and How to Become One

What is an Accredited Investor and How to Become One

Have you ever wondered what exactly an accredited investor is? With the proper financial and legal knowledge, you can gain access to an array of investments that are not available to the general public, such as venture capital funds or private equity deals. You may also  have the opportunity to access  high-growth opportunities with higher returns than offered by the stock market, which can provide stable and consistent income over time. 


What is an Accredited Investor? Simply put, an Accredited Investor is an individual or entity that is legally allowed to invest in certain types of securities and investments, such as private placement offerings, venture capital deals, hedge funds, and stocks. To become an accredited investor in the US, a person must meet one of the following criteria: have a net worth of at least $1 million; have earned income totaling at least $200,000 individually ($300,000 combined with a spouse) for each of the past two years; or be a general partner or executive officer in the issuer. 


Being an Accredited Investor offers many advantages. These include access to alternative investments that are typically not available through public exchanges – generally with higher potential returns;both typically require large amounts of capital. Accredited Investors also benefit from greater flexibility when it comes to investment decisions and are often able to negotiate more favorable terms than non-accredited investors. They may also receive financial advice from experienced professionals who are qualified to provide advice about complex products such as hedge funds and derivatives. 


To become an Accredited Investor,  first, determine whether you meet any of the criteria listed above (net worth or income). If you do not meet these requirements and want to become an accredited investor, you can still pursue this option by demonstrating exceptional knowledge or experience in finance or other areas related to investing. This can be done by achieving professional qualifications such as passing a series 7 exam or obtaining a Chartered Financial Analyst certification. You must also complete appropriate financial disclosure forms proving your knowledge or experience in order to qualify as an accredited investor. Fewer Accredited Investors venture this route however, it is an option. 


Depending on the type of investment(s) chosen over time and other factors such as risk appetite and goals, investors should choose their investments wisely for longevity and growth. 


Now you know what an Accredited Investor is, how to become one, and tips for getting started. Investing passively in multifamily properties has become an increasingly attractive and effective option for Accredited Investors looking to maximize the potential of their portfolios. 


The potential for steady cash flow combined with substantial appreciation of the asset over time makes multifamily properties a no-brainer for accredited investors.  With so many options available, it can be difficult to identify which investments provide the greatest benefits. Fortunately, TitanCor Capital is here to assist you in every step of your investment journey. Our experienced staff and proven track record can help you build an ideal portfolio designed to fit your needs. 


Reach out to us now and get started on the path towards inspired investing with TitanCor Capital!


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